A letter to king creon strongly urging against the death of his daughter antigone

Dear king creon, as you are well aware of the fact that your daughter antigone has gone against your ruling and buried polyneices, and that you have condemned her to death. In sophocles’ ‘antigone’, creon, the newly appointed king of thebes, is depicted as being a strong willed and ruthless leader who’s actions are influenced by a need for order and a sense of morality to his state. Specifically, theban king creon gives his view on the state in the first scene with the chorus of theban elders, the second scene with his niece princess antigone, and the third scene with his son. Antigone, the daughter of jocasta (sister of creon) and daughter/half-sister of oedipus (jocasta’s son/husband, king of thebes), is a strong-willed young woman who decides to bury her brother polyneices against the edict of her uncle creon, the new king. Jocasta is the widow of the former king laius , wife of oedipus and sister of creon creon is jocasta's brother, and the chief aid to oedipus in thebes teiresias is a blind prophet who is charged by oedipus to find the killer of king laius manto is the daughter of tiresias.

Antigone quotes (showing 1-30 of 128) “all men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil the only crime is pride. Complaints of antigone, given in the book, evoke a lively sympathy for the heroic girl who does not know the fear of the all-powerful creon, and a comparison of her fate with that of niobe, daughter of tantalus, turned into a cliff, reinforces the drama and feminist tone of the tragedy. Creon made the choice whether or not to punish antigone, this one decision defines his fate and that of his family creons inner war indludes keeping order in thebes and his duties as a king creon has self centered functions that cause pain. Antigone and creon are the main characters of the play antigone written by sophocles antigone is the daughter of oedipus, who was a major figure of ancient greek myth oedipus accidentally killed his father and married his mother because of that act, oedipus ended up cursing his family and died a.

The pride and fatal flaw of creon the king of thebes led to the death of his niece antigone death of antigone also led to the death of haemon, eurydice, creon’s son and the wife to creon the king thereafter lived in shame. Compared to that, king creon issued a death sentence in the form of a royal decree on antigone for disobeying his royal orders the revenge theme which is the main focus in the play hamlet can also be seen in antigone as creon refuses to perform burial rites on polyneices. Creon and haemon conflict of antigone creon and haemon have dissimilar points of views when it comes to antigone because haemon has affection for antigone while creon feels animosity towards her in the play, “antigone” sophocles tells the story of king creon who rules thebes the town. Among his works, antigone may be considered as the stand out and the greatest it is the story of antigone, the daughter and half-sister of oedipus, the main character in another of sophocles tale. Antigone is the young princess who pits herself against her uncle, king creon she defies his cruel edict forbidding burial of her brother polyneices who, in attempting to invade thebes and seize the throne from his brother eteocles, slew him in mortal combat and, in turn, was slain.

King oedipus and his daughter antigone are the stars of these plays, which dramatize the incredibly bad luck suffered by generations of one royal family like many parents and children, this pair. Antigone’s strong belief towards the burial of her brother is what led her to her death by the hands of creon since creon was ruler, whatever he said was the law, and since antigone broke his law, creon was in a sense to blame, because if that law wasn’t put into effect then antigone wouldn’t have hung herself. Antigone is strong willed and knows that it is her moral duty to give her brother a proper burial despite of what creon believes antigone, daughter of oedipus, explain how this metaphor demonstrates the main point of his arguments in regards to antigone’s death sentence the tree is creon and his power the flood is the people and. Antigone was the daughter of oedipus yes, that oedipus oedipus was the son of laius and jocasta, the king and queen of thebes antigone is led away to her death she is to be sealed in a cave, as creon is unable to shed her blood, she being “family” the prophet teiresias now enters, bringing news of fearful oracles and urging.

A letter to king creon strongly urging against the death of his daughter antigone

Antigone rebels against creon’s decree that forbids anyone from conducting burial or prayers for polyneices her sister tries to reason with her, informing her of all the repercussions she would face if she is caught. Antigone 'it's a dreadful thing to yieldbut resist now lay my pride bare to the blows of ruin that's dreadful too' the remarkable story of greek tragedy's most intrepid heroine introducing little black classics: 80 books for penguin's 80th birthday. Oedipus, akhenaton, and the fall of egyptian thebes in his oedipus and akhnaton (1960), velikovsky introduced his readers to one of the most fascinating episodes of ancient history in this volume he identified akhnaton, the heretic pharaoh, with oedipus, the incestuous king of greek legend. Creon recognized him and put him to deathcreon gave antigone to haemon to kill from thebes ismene is set free ismene deserves a proper burialshe is the youngest daughter of oedipus and jocasta but he secretly married her and they had a son gnomi = opinion.

  • However, antigone, the daughter of oedipus and jocasta, who was betrothed to creon's son, haemon, defied him, and was entombed alive creon finally relented, but found that antigone and haemon had killed themselves, and that his wife, eurydice, had stabbed herself in grief.
  • Creon is the current king of thebes his fatal flaw, pride, leads to the tragic death of antigone, his niece however the death of antigone causes the death of both haemon, his son, and eurydice, his beloved wife a fact which provides a strong realistic motif for his hatred against antigone this modern and realistic perspective has.
  • Antigone quizlet asdfasdfv study he explains that he is the new king of thebes according to him, how did he become king because he is the closest relative to oedipus creon uses a metaphor to describe his country the chorus tries to assure creon that no one is foolish enough to disobey his edict and risk death however, creon.

Creon agrees to this request, but when oedipus begs to have his two daughters antigone and ismene sent with him, creon refuses, condemning him instead to wander alone and in darkness throughout the land for the rest of his life. Antigone the niece of creon, the sister of polyneices was punished by creon for burying polyneces after his death, creon has forbidden anybody to do so once creon punished antigone the blind prophet teiresias told him that the gods will take revenge for his actions, then creon tried to change everything but he is too late. Antigone, the oldest daughter of oedipus has decided to bury her brother polyneices regardless to creon’s decree and the death penalty she heads to the field, performs the burial rituals, and sprinkles dust on his body. Buy custom differing views of morality in the scarlet letter and antigone term paper a person going against their society’s rules and laws is also seen in the drama antigone by sophocles antigone is a young woman whose moral background leads her to go against the whishes of the king to bury her brother, polyneices (go inside.

A letter to king creon strongly urging against the death of his daughter antigone
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